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Chè Touch Massage & Wellness

Houston Mobile Massage and Wellness


Who We Are

Chè Touch Massage & Wellness developed as an independently owned Massage Therapy Practice in August of 2018. Chè Touch Massage & Wellness operates with the following purpose: to provide quality service and care to clients; to have freedom to create personalized, comprehensive treatment plans, rather than the factory-like, "one size fits all" massage experiences; and to express loyalty to your wellness with a smile and attentiveness to your needs.

Chè Touch Massage & Wellness strives to help enhance and create a peaceful environment for clients, where positive energy prevails.

Chè Touch Massage & Wellness guarantees an experience that will cater to client needs, and develop lasting client – therapist relationships.

What We Benefit

We're not just your regular Massage Therapy Practice. Consistent sessions with us are an aid to your well-being!

Sessions with Chè Touch Massage & Wellness benefit the following:


Chronic Pain


High Blood Pressure


Cerebral Palsy

Tension Headaches

Spina Bifida


Muscle Pain & Tension

Stress & Anxiety

Stiff Joints

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Our Team

Chaunessey Franklin

Owner/Licensed Massage Therapist

License #: MT130459

We all have a go-to friend for advice, positive reminders about life, encouragement, laughter, and that feel good vibe! Chaunessey has always been just that. She always knew her purpose was to help others grow and continue to build self, keep a smile on, and make sure everyone around her always feels their best! Not knowing that this would lead to a career in Massage Therapy, Chaunessey dabbled in many things after graduating from high school and college, before deciding to attend Massage Therapy School. 

At the end of summer of 2018, graduating from Massage Therapy School 2 months prior, Chaunessey began to think about what would be the ideal massage therapy center: a center that specializes in mobile services (that’s always a plus!), provides quality service, doesn’t break pockets  ('cause we all love saving coins!), caters every session to specific client needs, and a center that wants to help every client to feel well and be well. She realized that it was up to her to create this center, and began development of Chè Touch Massage & Wellness.

While currently a mobile Massage Therapist, Chaunessey services the Houston and surrounding areas (Katy, Missouri City, Cypress, Spring) and is aiming to one day have a physical location. Offering services such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, and Trigger point massage, these paired with knowledge, special techniques, and development of relationships keep clients as customers. Every day is a new day. With each new day Chaunessey becomes better as a therapist and an innovator ensuring quality experiences. Every day is a chance to be greater and become a constant blessing in someone’s life, creating experiences like no other. Chaunessey is a full time entrepreneur, combining her love for feeling well and being well in massage therapy with her passion for enhancing style and image through fashion.


Pain Relief Management | Physical Disabili​tes | Recovery Assistance

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